Water infiltrations can occur, to a greater or lesser extent, in innumerable situations and structures, as can be seen from the long list of available references.

SYNTECH HAG in each case represents the ideal solution to the problem. The most frequent usage of the product can be summarized into three functional categories:

They include dams, basins, aqueducts, tanks, swimming pools, purification plants, etc. The most frequent cases of permeations and water infiltrations in these works can be located in correspondence with constructive joints, connections between vertical and horizontal elements, incorrectness in the compactness of the conglomerate, cracks and injuries arising after the construction.

They include basements, cellars, garages, lifts, etc. Also for these works the needs of sealing can concern heterogeneous materials and derive from constructive incorrectness or from subsequent accidental events. The need for adaptation of waterproof structures after the elevation of the groundwater is now a classic case.

They include channels, tunnels, penstocks, underpasses, sewers, etc. In these works the interventions can be aimed at stopping groundwater infiltration through constructive incorrectness as well as at the sealing of situations of leakage of the contained water.