To deal in an organized way with the interventions of waterproofing injection with SYNTECH HAG water-reactive polyurethane resins , before leaving for “the construction site” it is appropriate (as well as being sure to have loaded the manual or electric high-pressure pump for injections on the van) the necessary quantity of water-reactive SYNTECH HAG FLEX and ECO resins, of FLAT HEAD INJECTORS and SYNTECH HAG CLEANER) make sure you have prepared and loaded the accessories listed below, easily available, able to make the operations to be performed, easier, more reliable and safe for operators:

trapanoDrill and drill bits of various sizes :
The choice of drill power and drill size is functional to the type of support to be worked on (concrete works, masonry, bricks, limestone, rocks, etc.). A good quality drill is generally required, equipped with a striker to drill very hard supports and strong points of 20, 30, 40 and 50 cm in length and 8 -10 mm in diameter, for deep and two-point perforations, one from 15/20 cm long by 13-14 mm in diameter and the other 15/20 cm long by 16-17 mm in diameter, for the final flaring of the holes made, in order to insert the injectors more easily flat or screw head, with a diameter of 13 mm and 16 mm respectively.

secchioPlastic buckets :
4-5 pieces of 15-20 lt capacity, of the type with the handle, to be able to transport and hang, if necessary, the injection pump. They are used to mix the two components of the resin during the injection operations and to contain the diluents (Nitro diluent in the first instance and the SYNTECH HAG CLEANER at the end) necessary for cleaning the injection pump, whether manual or electric and accessories.

bilanciaConstruction scale :
(From 10 kg, tare included) to accurately weigh the two components of the polyurethane resin and avoid unwanted expansive reactions; in the absence of the balance it is possible to use a graduated transparent plastic measuring cup with a capacity of 2 liters.

martelloHammer :
To insert, if necessary, by simple percussion, the flat-head or screw injector into the hole made with the drill (be very careful not to crush the ball that constitutes the injector “non-return” valve).

chiaveFlat wrenches No. 10-12-14-16 :
to be able to screw the screw injector, inserted in the hole made with the drill, until the total “expansion” of its rubber part and to the completed fixing to the support.

tondinoIron or wooden rod :
For manual mixing of the resin (comp. A) and of the predetermined amount of expansion activator / accelerator (comp. B) in the plastic buckets described above.

spazzolaSteel brush with hard plastic bristles :
To clean the surfaces involved in the intervention, from mosses, limestone efflorescences, pre-existing paints and smudges in general.

compressoreAir compressor or manual air extractor :
To remove dust in the holes made with the drill, in order to insert the injectors.

dpiPPE (personal protective equipment):
Overalls and work gloves, safety shoes or boots, glasses and a standard mask.

diluente-nitroNitro diluent:
To assist the specific diluent SYNTECH HAG CLEANER, for cleaning pumping equipment and accessories needed for injections.

strofinaccioTea towels:
To clean the pumping equipment and accessories needed for the injections (to be impregnated beforehand with Nitro diluent).

raschiettoMetal scraper:
For the removal of hydro-expansive resin residues emerging from cracks and crawl spaces, in waterproofed supports.